When I mix managed with unmanaged code I get the compiler error: "'IDataObject' : ambiguous symbol". How do I resolve this? Thanks.

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And the rest of the error is? Post your entire compiler output when you build the application.

1) error C2872: 'IDataObject' : ambiguous symbol
2) fatal error C1903; unable to recover from previous error(s); stopping compilation
3) warning C4935: assembly access specifier modified from 'public
4) warning C4935: assembly access specifier modified from 'public

File - C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003\Vc7\PlatformSDK\Include\ObjIdl.h for all 4 errors

typedef /* [unique] */ IDataObject *LPDATAOBJECT; -- selected code for Error1

IDataObject : public IUnknown -- selected code for Error2

typedef interface IDataObject IDataObject; -- selected code for Error3

typedef interface IMessageFilter IMessageFilter; -- selected code for Error4

The error has been resolved.

Move all 'using namespace XXXX' from .h to .cpp

Thank you for taking the time to post the resolution to your problem.

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