Hi there,
I want to center the caption of a form and make the caption bold. Can anyone show me how to do this...

Many thanks....


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When working with the centering portion of this, what you may have to do is figure out how big the form is, and then use spaces in a for loop of some kind... sort of like, figure out how big the form is, divide it in 1/2 and that would be about the center.... as far as I know, there is no API call for manipulation of the title bar for bold.

Something you might want to look at, which I've done on a number of apps, is to use an image as the titlebar, (picture1, or something crazy). So, make a form with no titlebar, and then make your own titlebar (with the minimize restore and close buttons also). This will give you greater control over what you can capture (event wise) in the titlebar, and give you the option to use your own font and gradients. Now, I know XP is supposed to have some kind of new ability to change some of these things without going into the elaboration of building it all yourself, but I don't know what it is, and making your own titlebar isn't difficult. Let me know what you figure out.

Hi Comatose,
I appreciate your response. I'm just lazy to make a research but i did one almost same before. the only thing is make the caption marquee (i mean the caption is moving) where i use an api. the thing is i forgot what is that api anymore and where i put that script. Anyway thanks again.


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