Hi, i am trying to make a program which has to display some data which has been put in by the user over some time. The value the user inputs is a decimal, and should be displayed at the y-axis, while the x-axis should display the time the value was entered. I am saving my data into a txt.file in on long line and i would like for the user to be able to enter the date (name od text file) and the program will display the points.

I have tried typing in the values as "12:00:00a3,4b13:00:00a15,2b" in my txt file and i thought i could make my program sort through this information with using arrays. But i cant seem to make it work and i am not sure what the specific problem is :/

What language are you using? It's hard to give advice without knowing more details and without seeing some code. You have a file. You want to read the relevant information from that file and store that data in RAM so you can then display that data onto a graph, which presumably means there is some Graphical User Interface in there somewhere. But what are you using for this GUI? Visual C++? Java Swing? Adobe Flex? Etcetera.

Where's the problem? Does the data file not open correctly? Is the data from the file not parsing correctly into data points that you can graph? What does the graph look like? Etcetera.

More details are needed. Keep in mind that we, the readers, do not know anything about you or this project.