I have a Health based .Net (C#) project that needs to import a huge chunk of medical records from an old database that were used in a different application.
The database has been successfully migrated to the version compatible with our application. The problem is the contents in one of its table.
It contains binary data, that we have concluded so far is in a 'compressed' form. The compression method used is an algorithm found here:

Simple Compression Zip - https://sourceforge.net/projects/scz-compress/

include "scz_compress_lib.c" // Scz_Compress_File(in,out)
include "scz_decompress_lib.c" // Scz_Decompress_File(in,out)

We're trying to find a way to be able to call these C functions in our .Net C# project.
We've considered options like encapsulating it into DLL but we dunno how to do that either.

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