Who can I talk with about my software idea?

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You can talk here as long as you recognise that whatever you say will be visible to everybody. There are many people here who can give you good advice.

I was thinking about merging 2 softwares together. I am from Ireland and my partner is Polish now we have a daughter together and I find it hard to manage relations and updates with the language barrier,also they can't get to know me properly or vice versa because I depend on my partner to make all correspondence,, soI thought to myself would it be possible to make a software for example Skype with Google translate for example I would say a sentence in English using Skype and it would translate for me and on the other side with the help of Google translate they would receive a voice message but with Polish words is this achievable as I'm sure many families have the same problem.

That would certainly be a useful application.
Google Translate does have voice input and output, although I don't know if Polish is a supported language for that. Ditto Microsoft Skype.
My guess is that if they support Polish then there's no need to write an app. If they don't then it would be very hard to write it yourself and you should just wait for them to do it.

Doesn't necessarily have to be Polish I'm talking multi lingual software you would of course need international team to write it but I think in this day and age there should be something out there like this

That sounds like a gigantic project that would require many people. To make it work you'd need excellent organizational, management and people skills. I'd say COO level skills.

It would also take years of full-time work.

I'm not trying to discourage you, but how about this: first try writing something simple and small first to get an idea of how quickly you can work, how much debugging you need to do, what tools you need and which tools work and don't work for you. Then you'll have a better idea of how much effort your bigger project will be.

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