Hi Dear
could you please help for below issue
Previously our client is using ms office 2007 now client want to upgrade office to ms office 2013
we have VB5 application with access database (previouly it was .mdb and now it is converted to .accdb)
so for that purpose we were install ms access database engine and add the reference by removing ado DAO 3.6 object library
I have followed some steps below after convert the application
(1) Convert databases to 2007 format
(2) Run AccessDatabaseEngine.exe on the target machine
(3) In VB6 Project|References,
(a) Deselect Microsoft DAO 3.6 object library
(b) Select Microsoft Office 12 access database engine object library
(c) Select Microsoft Office 12 object library
(4) no special code changes needed when setting db objects
but after convert it I am getting
error 713 The class is not registered . Find object with CLSID { } 00000010-0000-0010-8000-00AA006D2EA4
Thank you for your help in advance

I can't duplicate this. Yes I have an old VB6 setup but we went with MySQL and here we are 16 years later and it still works.

You went with Access so I can't help you directly but what about the ACE? Noted at http://www.dreamincode.net/forums/topic/320397-vb-6-not-recognise-access-2010-accdb/ (you'll have to find the ACE for your version of Access.

PS. http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/office/forum/office_2013_release-access/help-with-office-2013-professional-and-vb6/59654760-6091-40db-b296-395e2d0cccda?auth=1 notes the 32 64 question.

Dera rproffitt
Thank you for your reply
Actually I am working on VB5 and not on VB6 so could you please reply me on the basis of VB5 with access Database
I have seen your links (given in last reply) but in that link I am not able to find out my problem solution
I have problem after the office migration I am not able to use VB5 data control with accdb database
please tell me is VB5 support data contol with ACE provider?
if no then what I need to do for it? should i Want to write code for it for is there any alternative for data control in vb5
Thank you in advance

Sorry no. I have not touched a VB5 for decades. I think we left it back in 1998. Good luck with this.

PS. You tagged your post with visual basic 6 and I thought VB5 was just a typo since I haven't found that in the wild since, well, 1998.

"we left it back in 1998" abolutlly right
Actully this is client application and he is not ready to update this application with updated technology because of financial problems
so now we are trying to achive to make it work with accdb and mdb at a time
could any one tell me, is VB5 support "Data Contol" with "ACE provider?
I am working on this task since long time so getting worry now
if I am trying to change RecordSource sql query in VB5 Property window I am getting below error..
object variable or with block variable not set

could you please help...

The only helpful advice is to not change a thing. If you have it working with an older office then keep on using that version. Any change will incur problems and more costs.

You claim they have financial problems and since those older Office versions run even on Windows 10 (VB6 does too) my advice is to not change the system.