Hello to all! I know well how to access database and its tables from sql server in Netbeans, But know I need to access a report from sql server in Netbeans. For example if I have a table named "MyTable" in sql server 2008 and then I ran a query on that table and then I made a report for that qeury and named that report "MyReport". Now I want to access that report from my Netbeans IDE by using java code and then want to display that report in table format in my JForm . Is there any java code by which we can access only reports from sql server? if so, please guide me. I shall be thankfull to you

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so, if I get it straight: You read all the data from the database
then you create a report based on that data
then you want to read all the data of that report (the data you already had)
and display that data?

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