Hi Team

could you please tell me could I directly convert VB5 code to VB.NET?
if yes what about the controls used into the application it is alo replaced automatically
is there any freeware tool we have to do it

if NO what is the option for doing it

Thank you in advance for your help

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I wouldn't recommend using any tool to convert. You need to redesign and maybe rethink how things are done anyway, so do it by hand.

Well, I also use VB5.0 when desiging some sort of applications and also do applications with VB.NET and what I've known is that theres no tool that really convert from VB5.0 to .NET even the 6.0 at lease I didn't find the convertor. I love them both the 5.0 and .net.

The solution if you are not planning to use 5.0 is to recode your app with VB.NET then, also the older versions there are a few people who still has it and knows it most people are flowing with the flow.

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