Hello Friends,

Thanks for helping me for my last queries. Right now I am facing problem on how to implement Auto Update function for my WPF Desktop Application. team decided to use NetSparkle rather than ClickOnce. Any One have Information and Detail about how to use NetSparkle. Please give me walk through about how to use NetSparkle. or if You have Demo application please provide me.

Ouch. I read https://netsparkle.codeplex.com/ to see this hasn't been updated since 2011 and comments like:

Documentation on how to use this and what to expect is missing. Also it's not clear what scenario's are supported.

Since the product is in such bad shape you have choices to make here. Mostly about decoding how it works since the documentation is in sad shape or deciding if you want to get into the sparkle dev team to help sort it out.

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