Hi! I'm new in vb.net..
I want to make an auto search textbox without using any button
and will display the data after inputting the ID on the textbox..

does anyone know how to do this??

How do you want this to work? Your brief description leaves several possibilities. No point in suggesting the ones you don't want. For example, you could have a textbox with a text changed event handler that automatically populates a listbox based on what you type as you type it. This may or may not work depending on the dataset you are getting the matches from. It could be a database and if it is large and you can't use the index, the results may take too long to filter.

You say "display the data after inputting the ID" which does not imply auto-search but you don't want a button which sort of does imply auto-search.

You might even get away with a drop down combo box.

More detail means a better answer.

Does the ID have a known fixed length? If so you can have a text changed event listener that ignores text less than the necessary length, and starts the search as soon as the text length is right.

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