My client is wanting a 'simple' stock update system in MS Access. I have a form and subform (which is a packing slip) where the user will select the style of shoe eg ASHE_Choc and then enter the number of stock wanted for each size eg 5 for size 6_40. When they click on the button to finish, I need the values for each size and style of shoe to update the stock table which has matching style and size fields. It was working ok and updating until I created the sub-form to allow multiple orders but now it won't work at all....please assist. I am clearly not an experienced developer and have not been able to find a solution on the Internet.

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We have no idea of your tables, forms nor anything else. Not even a screenshot! Not sure what you expect us to do?


Show your database schema (structure) and code, as well as specific issues/errors you are getting if you want some help.


Have attached three images. One of WR Stock which is the main table that needs to be updated from what is entered into the PS Form. Have also included currently Relationship diagram.

These only contain sample data and additional fields for shoe sizes will be added but I'm just trying to get it working on 6_40 first. There will also be a lot more style_colour records.

I was working along the lines of this UPDATE WR_stock SET CS6_40 = CS6_40 - [FORMS]![Customer]![6_40]
WHERE Style_Colour = "ASHE_Choc";

which was working when I didn't have a subform to allow multiple entries for one Packing Slip but now just brings up the 6_40 column from the WR_stock table.

Is it possible to use an update query like this but from a sub-form and using multiple entries for style_colour?

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