Hello all....

Just learnt VB .NET yesterday and would like to continue to the ASP .NET book using the VB .NET IDE to program.

The thing is... when I start a new project in VB .NET there are no templates for ASP .NET Web Application. Do I need to download something (like ASP .NET 2.0) and install it before being able to use it in the VS Studio .NET IDE?

The ebook that I have just jumps straight to programming a Hello World example with ASP .NET using the VS Studio .NET IDE but did not say that what softwares are needed to do it... :sad:

Thanks in advance.

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In the file menu select New... and then Web site ...

Why they dd it that way I dunno it got me first time too and I'm a pro.

Somebody somewhere thought it would be funny I guess.

Thanks for the reply...

Anyway.. got the thing working in New > Project too...

Just downloaded a Web Application Project Startup from ASP .NET's homepage and a file called VS80-KB915364-X86-ENU as well. Installed them.. and the ASP thing was in the project templates as well.

Now.. time to get my hands dirty with ASP stuff... :lol:

Thanks again.

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