Yesterday I was looking for a good game authoring language and came across a very interesting one called 3D GameStudio. I was very impressed by some of the samples. I think I might get into it during this summer. If you're coming from a C/C++ world, then it should be a snap to pick up because it's based on C. The link is http://conitec.net/a4info.htm

I also had my eyes open at DarkBasic, but 3D GameStudio seems a little better. This one is based of course on BASIC. http://www.darkbasic.com

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AWESOME!!! even any1 decides to check out the pricing please post... not what i want to get into @this point, but it does look VERY interesting - and madd kewl!!! 8)


I haven't gotten my feet wet with 3D GameStudio, but DarkBasic I've used. I'm amazed at the simplicity. With one command you can make a 3D cube. Put that in a simple For-Loop, and you got it rotating. Put that in another loop, and insert a command to play A WAV,MIDI,MOD, and you got background music. Very simple. You can even load objects from 3D Max and other popular 3D programs.

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