I would linke to know what is the best way to synchronise the shared memory segment. is threads usage are also advisible whie
synhcronising the shared memory segement. in what circumstances we should use threads or semaphore to synchronize the memory segment.

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Thanks rprofitt . i am looking for implementation for a multi-player game so that from allocate block playaer information can be accessed. I googled it and found in most of the post about usage of semaphore only so was courious to know that whether pthread library can be used as well for synchronization .


In answer to your statement, yes. You may want to pose questions or show where you got stuck. There are many papers on your topic (that's in your first post) and some try to expand or go somewhere else later in the discussion. So how you solve this is your choice. At least it's one with plenty of paper written all about it.

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