I've asked this on SO AND Reddit without so much as a peep...was hoping DW would turn up the answer!

I have an ascx user control that has a custom event added to it.

I can get the event to work without problem, but the event doesn't show up in Visual Studio's property editor, only in intellisense. Is there an attribute I am missing or something?

The event definition is:

[Browsable(true), EditorBrowsable(EditorBrowsableState.Always)]
public event EventHandler<EventArgs> SelectedIndexChanged;

The event doesn't show up in the property box but all of my custom properties do:

But is accessable through intellisense:

Is there a way to have the events show up in the property editor?

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From memory this is an old complaint about VS2005 and VS2008. I will forego sharing any googles about it. Be sure to ask Microsoft to add this in the future.

Yes, for some reason intellisense will autocomplete it.


That stinks.

I was hoping they would fix it.

I'm assuming it isn't fixed in the latest version either?

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