I have a form in Acrobat DC with a data matrix barcode - when i scan the barcode it looks like this
777777799999MS2334WASHER912/15/16100YesYes3Q127/18 i need a tab between so when i scan them in excel they will fill in cells across a row. The code looks like this - any help would be great - thanks

if ( app.viewerVersion >= ADBE.PMD_Need_Version )

    event.value = strTabDelimited({oDoc: this, aFields: ["A1", "A2", "A3", "A4", "A5", "A6", "A7", "A8", "A9", "B1", "B2", "B3"], bFieldNames: false});

else event.value = " ";

You have tagged this Java, but your posted code is not Java code.

What type is it? I am working in Adobe Acrobat DC - with the fuction to print a 2d barcode where it is picking up the form fields to encode the barcode

I don't know. The syntax in the function call looks like Swift, but maybe it's someting else that I'm not familiar with. How comes you don't know?

While I don't kow what language that is either, I do have apps that were scanner friendly.

Is there something in the scanner that is adding all that information to the scan? The scanners we use only pick up the part number. The follow only data is added by our apps. It would be unusually to print all that information on the barcode.

when i use a app on my iphone then copy paste into to my excel on my app it puts it in the cells. But when I use the handheld scanner connected to the desktop PC puts it in the string.

I will check the sanner program to see if a tab can be added

I messed up. I had a typo there I didn't correct. I meant.
The data I see above that follows the part number is rarely in the bar code.

There are barcode scanners that can format the string but for our apps, we want exactly what's in the barcode and handle the barcode data in our app.

Aha. QRcode. I don't see a "bar code." You'll have to parse the existing QRCode result or add line/other breaks in the QRCode.

Think back to your first programming courses where you learned to parse input. Use those lessons.

Here you tagged it with Java but it doesn't look like Java and maybe you are asking folk to code in some language specific to some app but I don't see the language or a link to it's docs yet. Usually members will not code for others. Only correct a line or two or give ideas.

To me this looks like a parsing exercise.

Yup, definitely not Java. Given the reference to iPhone I'll put my money on Swift. And to be fair, he did say "data matrix barcode" and "2D bar code".

commented: Yup they did. Our apps do barcodes, and when 2D, we say QRcode. Will try anyway to help. +11