Design a pascal that will capture the names and coursework and exam grades for math, science and computer science from a set of students. It should calculate the final grade for each course and GPA. The algorithm should output as a list at the end the name, math final, computer science final, science final and GPA for all students whose details were entered. The prgram should also display the total amount of students who have received a passing grade in the math final, computer science final and science final respectively

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That's not a request for help. That's a request to do your homework for you. We won't do that here. However, If you show us that you have put in the effort to solve it yourself we will help with the parts that are giving you trouble. Judging by your post it is possible that you have not read the Daniweb Posting Rules and Terms of Service. Please give these a read. You might also want to Read This Before Posting a Question to increase your chances of getting a timely (and more useful) response.

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