i just wanna ask because the submission of my restaurant POS System will be tomorrow. it is a very hard time for me. here are the requirements:

Restaurant POS (Point of Sale) System
Create a basic Restaurant Point of Sale software using C-Language. Your restaurant must have at least 20 dishes to choose from.
To receive full credit, your software must have the minimum of the following features:
I. Enhanced security and anti-fraud protection
• System is encrypted with password.
• Different jobs: admin, cashier, server, waitress, and hostess with different access privileges.
• Different visibility options, for example, show Remove Item button; only admins can remove item.
II. Action on Orders
• Input orders by item code and automatically computes the total price
• Customers can change the quantity of orders (example: 2 bottle of softdrinks modify it to 5 bottle of softdrinks)
• Take Payment
• Delete order.
• Refund order (it's possible with Refund item command).
• Discounts (with possibility to select a discount from predefined list of discounts, example: for Senior Citizen and other discount cards).
• Assign item modifiers (for example, well done, rare, tomato etc).
III. Actions on menu items:
• View the entire menu with corresponding item code and price
• Add item by item’s code,
• Change price.
• Make a note for kitchen.
• Refund.
• Remove.
IV. Parameters
Your software must have: Basic I/O statements of C-language, Conditional Statements, Looping Statements, functions, and arrays.

Please i really need your help regarding what is the source code of this....

Hi Justin - so your assignment is due in 24 hours, which means you must have lots of code ready to show us.

All you need to do now is post your code, or partial code, along with the precise problems you are facing and I'm sure someone will help you out.

actually its tonight 6pm


void admin() {
        char pass[21];  
        int ploop = 1;
        int in = 1;
        int pass1;


        for(ploop = 1; ploop<=in;) {
        printf("Enter Password: ");

        pass1 = strcmpi(pass, "admin");

        if (pass1 == 0)
            in = 0;
            printf("Password Confirm \n\n\n");


        } else {
            in = 1;
            printf("Access Denied \n\n\n");



void admin2() {
        int i,w;
        int item_code[20] = {1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20};
        int item_code2;

        printf("Welcome: Admin \n\n");


                printf("What would you like to order:\n");
            printf("[1]Fried Chicken/P160 \n");
            printf("[3]Beef Steak/P120\n");
            printf("[4]Pork Chop/P100\n");
            printf("[6]Fried Bangus/P180\n");
            printf("[7]Roast Chicken/P100\n");
            printf("[9]Beef Tapa/P140\n");
            printf("[10]BBQ Chicken/P190\n");
            printf("[12]Beef Salpicao/P110\n");
            printf("[13]Fried Rice/P170\n");
            printf("[15]Cream Dory/P100\n");
            printf("[18]Mash Potato/P150\n");

            printf("Please enter how many orders do you want: ");
            for(int j=0;j<w;j++)
                printf("Enter Item Code: ");


void cashier() {

void server() {

int main()
{       int choice;

        printf("\t \t \t WELCOME TO BON'S ORDERING SYSTEM \n");

        printf("[1] Admin \n");
        printf("[2] Cashier \n");
        printf("[3] Server \n");
        printf("[4] Waitress \n");
        printf("[5] Hostess \n");

        printf("Please Enter Your Choice: ");

        switch(choice) {
        case 1: admin(); break;


        return 0;

That's a start, now you have to tell us what it is you need help with - the where you are getting stuck bit.

can you please help me? my deadline actually is tonight 6 in the evening.

i was just about a little bit crazy right now

actually all the modules up there. i had started the admin module but it is very difficult for me because im a newbie in c language

You still aren't explaining what coding problems you are having, and exactly where you need help. Our members cannot help you if you don't make it clear what your problem is. Just saying 'I am stuck' or 'I need code' isn't going to wash I'm afraid. All our members are volunteers, their time is as precious as yours, the demands upon it as great as yours. In other words, you have to show that you have made some effort with your assignment before they are going to put any efforet into helpign you with it. What they won't do is just hand over finished code, that really doesn't help you progress and develop in the long term...

system("cls") is not going to work. System () is a function that makes a call out to the operating system to run a command. CLS is a DOS command to clear the screen, however, it is a internal command that does not have an EXE to be run. I am sure it is way past your deadline already but I can tell you that from what code you have sent there are a lot of things wrong in your code. This seems like a very advanced project for someone that knows very little C code.

In the future, I would strongly urge you to consider working on your projects well before they are due and reaching out for help on components of your project as you approach each challenge. If your intention was to wait to the last minute and ask someone on an online form to give you the code I don't know anyone in development that would be willing to do such. As a developer, we see a lot of really bad code. Code from people that should've never taken up development to begin with. If this is really what you want to do, you need to make the effort and show us your tent and then we will show you your mistake. But most important, as stated previously, we need to see that you understand where your problem exists but you clearly articulating the source of the problem and what kind of help you need.

Not to mention that it is super easy for the marker (if he/she is to inclined) to do a search online of your code to see if you just copied it. If caught plagiarizing you would likely be expelled. That's a blackk mark that can really haunt you.

Some of us are professional software engineers. For long term contracts I get $70-100USD per hour. For short term ones, $200. So you can see that the time I spend here and on the Linux Forums is valuable to me. Happygeek and Armand_2 have it just right.

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