Greetings all,

Essentially I am trying to recreate a formula for a column that calculates a cumulative difference between, between differences in data on data from adjacent column on a daily basis. In excel the formula is =ROUND(IF(B4<NOW(),T4,0),2). Does anyone know how to edit the method for the computed field in Visual Studio to achieve this?

Any help will be much appreciated

Are you trying to achieve something in VS ( C# or C++ ?) or do you want something to change in an excel sheet from VS? Please some more explanation would be handy.

I am trying to achieve something in VS (C#). The end goal is to essential build an application based on an excel spreadsheet. I am facing difficulties trying to recreate some of the formulas for the calculated fields

Perhaps this can help you a bit on the way.
In C# there is a Math class with a method Round, you can use to simulate the ROUND function of Excel. Use DateTime.Now() to simulate NOW().