I was wondering if it was possible to create a software like visual studio (in addition simple, obviously). We could program in vb.net, c ++, etc.

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Yes, it is but you'd need to write or include compilers for the languages you intended to write in the IDE.
You'd need to provide features like spell check, intelli-sense, error checking and compiler reports. It would be a fair amount of work to make an IDE that people would consider using these days given the fairly excellent existing alternatives.

Thanks, but I'm looking to create an IDE that will be simpler than the others (user friendly). I work for Umixty Computer (a very small compagny), and we are making an Operating System. I wanna make a IDE that comes with the OS.

You could consider a notepad++ style interface (but prettier) with vastly reduced functionality from, say, VS but the compilers and ability to compile the project and output the result would be an absolute minimum.
And remember you'd need to be able to deal with projects rather than individual files to be useful.
As a minimum you'd probably want to include:
Create project
Create file
Find and replace
Error reporting
Intelli-sense would be nice but not strictly necessary for the project you're considering

Thanks but how can i create my own project file type? And how can i "find" the compilers for vb.net?

Your choice to start such a project but there are now plentiful IDE's for coding today.

Let's call this a wheel. How is your wheel going to be different?
Why would I use your IDE?

I take it something was missing from:

  1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_integrated_development_environments
  2. https://www.g2crowd.com/categories/integrated-development-environment-ide

Also, what about no install systems like IDEONE.com?

Why would I use your IDE?

You would use it because i will probably include my own visual script (like scratch or blueprint from ue4) that will translate automatically to vb.net and execute it.
I just don't know how to make my own project file type. And I don't know how to code something that compile vb.net code and make a .exe

(sorry for bad english im french)

@Alex. Yet another language? Why not share this new language first to see if folk will adopt it?

Yes but i just want to know how can i make it compile the code and export it to exe

So you're building an OS and an IDE but the contents of a project file are confusing?

Just do yourself a favour and use something built by experts until you see a shortfall that you'd like to address.

Note, I'm not saying don't build an OS, an IDE or a language, but don't try to do all three at once unless you are Fabrice Bellard.

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Im not in charge of the OS. I'm the "manager" of the IDE project.

@Alex. As a manager you would manage by adding team members that can do this work.

Also, if it is an open source project, where is your web page about it?

Hello everyone ... I'm the CEO of Umixty Inc. To tell you, yes we have several projects under development ... Don our operating system and our IDE ... But we are capable enough to do several Projects at the same time ... But the problem is that we do not know everything about everything ... At Umixty we can not know all the computer language of the world ... It means that we turn to the Internet users and the other person ... And speaking of our website ... it is in the course of important verification ... Thank you Sorry for my bad english

For the new programming language ... It will come out the day we launch our series of devices. So

What you are asking is like a mechanic posting the question "how do I build a car". Your question is to big to be addressed on this site. If you've read the Daniweb Posting Rules then you'd know that we expect you to show some effort first.

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It seems to me you're putting the cart before the horse. Any programming for your OS is going to depend on the Application Programming Interface(API). This allows your OS internal functions to stay hidden and you can control what the programmer is allowed to do. To design the programming language and IDE without knowing what functions are available to use, how they will function, and what they will do, is asking for trouble and most likely a vast number of re-writes.

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