Hello there im searching for code where i can filter a report that is placed inside a form.
Normally in opening a report the code is Docmd.OpenReport,,, however in my case the report is already inside my form and
im suppose to hit a button to apply filter on it. Can Anybody guide me o please.

  1. I have a Report inside a Form
  2. I have a Dropdown Menu to select Item on it (Once Selected)
  3. I will hit a button to apply filter and show it on my Report inside that form.

Im in need of a code where i can filter that report and reload data on it. thank you. kindly please help.

A few issues with your post. If you meant Access, just add that in your post or tags. There's a sliver of a clue in your post but you didn't tell.
Next I rarely see members write your code. Everyone seems willing to check out a short passage but if you want it written for you, then you post a "For Hire" posting.