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I am planning on undertaking a project for school and was wondering if anyone could tell me if I am better off using Assembly Language, Java, Basic or C to program my OOpic Microcontroller? Thanks.


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I depends on you and how much you know these programming languages.
As far as I know Assembly,Basic and C are the programming languages[tools] to implement an idea in microcontroller.
If you want speed use Assembly.
If you don't ave time and you want to quickly get your project up then use C.
Else you can use Basic.
even on you microcontroller pat number and so.

Thanks, I will give more info. tomorrow. Once again thank you very much for replying.



OOPic has a compiler of its own and compiles Java, Basic and C like constructs to its own ASM code. If you didn't have bought an OOPic board and I would suggest PIC microcontroller ( ) and C language. PIC is much more known and well referenced but is a little harder to code too.

Loren Soth

commented: I approve his sayings in this project. +1

Hi Loren Soth,
Nice answer.

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