Hi DW.

I would like to know if its possible to get the source path of a file copied/moved to a folder I set a FileSystemWatcher? What I mean is that get the location as to where this file is coming from if its was copied/moved into this folder.

Thank you.

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The FileSystemWatcher can be triggered on


events. As far as it is concerned, when a files is copied/moved into the watched folder, it is considered as a Created event. There is no way to determine where the file came from.

@MrM, I checked the prior discussion you had on this and read the document linked and agree that this doesn't do that. On top of that it appears not to track USB stick changes/events.

Why not start a thread telling all your app is trying to accomplish? You had a long series of discussions about how to break MP3s and this sounds as if you are still pursing something down dead ends and blind alleys.

Just a file system filter driver Here would do the job.

commented: Should be interesting to see Mr.M's take on this answer. Good find. +12

Ok cool. I will check this out and see, @rproffitt, well I must say I'm actually going forward and also regarding the post you are refering to, I've also mark most of them as solve because I managed to find solutions to it.

This also make me a bit suspecious that you are also following me and my posts. Are you also trying to do what I'm doing? because I'm way to far now. infact I'm almost done with my project.

Hi Mr.M. I checked your prior posts to better understand what the big picture is on your project. Is that unacceptable?

Nah didn't say that. Thought maybe there's another reason behind.

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