He , how do i print multibel line's

i use de .inc from mikeos

but don't knows how to loop

like this:

   .message   db 'hallo 1',0
                          db 'hallo 2',0
                          db 'hallo 3',0

for the moment i uze

; Install screens 1 
    BITS 16
    ORG 32768
    %INCLUDE "pirom_dev.inc"


mov ax, .title_msg
    mov bx, .footer_msg
    mov cx, 10011111b   ; Colour

    call os_draw_background

; call the db text
    mov si, .message
; call print line 
    call os_print_string    

    .message    db 'Hallo en welkom to pirom cloud server', 0

    .title_msg  db 'Pirom could Setup Systeem', 0
    .footer_msg db 'Setup ...', 0

I'm going to write in general here that for each line you want a preceding line break.

Now on some systems that's a carriage return and some require a line feed. You are beyond the stage where I have to write about the ASCII table.