well, actually i am new with vb.net

just asking the correct steps for generating dll from vb.net

in vb 6.0 -> i just click the button compile to 'something'.dll

in vb.net -> by building the project

however, after i generated the dll (vb.net)
i can not add them into component services (COM+)

is it a violation for adding dll (vb.net) into COM+?
or just my working steps are wrong

sorry, by the way... i am using Microsoft Visual Basic 2005 Express Edition

thank you :)

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You cannot add .NET dlls into COM+, the .NET framework is a REPLACEMENT for COM.

You put your .NET dll's in the GAC (Global Assembly Cache) using GacUtil.exe

I'm vague on the details cos I've never had need to do it, because you don;t HAVE to put your .NET dll's in the GAC to use them, if they're in the same directory as the project that references them the CLR can find and load it.



You can generate wrapper COM objects for your .Net classes just like you can import COM objects with wrapper .Net classes (google it or look for Interop on MSDN) but you have to have .Net Framework installed on the machines you deploy the COM wrapper dll.

Loren Soth

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