I have this block of code where l run through a table and display matched results in a listbox.
It works fine, but my question is how do l enable the user to select an item in the listbox once it is displayed?
Suggestions are welcomed as always. Thanks

        For Each dr In dt.Rows
            Dim cns
            Dim bytes As Byte() = Nothing
            bytes = dr.Item("FingerP")
            cns = dr.Item("CaseFileNumber")

            Dim template = New DPFP.Template()
            'Perform match
            matcher.Verify(FeatureSet, template, matchResult)
            If matchResult.Verified Then
                EventHandlerStatus = Gui.EventHandlerStatus.Success
                'Exit For 'success
                'txtcasenumber.Text = cns
                'DataGridView1 = cns

            End If
            If Not matchResult.Verified Then EventHandlerStatus = Gui.EventHandlerStatus.Failure
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