Hey been practicing coding using Python 3 tutorial,my question is how to put what learn into a project,or should I say how or what information is their to get this mindset

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Select a subject that is of interest to you and then decide how your coding can improve or alter it to your desires.


This is a good question and there are thousands of potential answers, but here's what I'd suggest. Of course this depends on your interests and what you've learned so far.

Start with a problem. It doesn't have to be complicated or wide-ranging and can be as contrived as you like. Say, you have a shelf full of books (don't type them in, just use an existing list!):

  • Which has the longest title?
  • Which was published first?
  • What is the average number of pages (mean, median, mode)?
  • Which language is most popular?

These are all individual problems but you'll also need to 'share' some functionality (namely the loading/parsing of the data). All should be quite straightforward but some moreso than others.

Then add a touch of complexity:

  • Which is the longest book written before 0CE?
  • For each century, which is the most frequently-occuring author in the list?

If you get stuck on any, post back here, someone is likely to help (these are fun tasks!)

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