Is it possible to make a web page that takes up responsibility for backing up a web applications tables(Oracle DB, and perhaps SQL server I am trying to be multi db supportive)? Essentially I want to create a database backup script that is kicked off by pressing a button on a web page. I have no idea what a dba backup script would look like. Ideally I would place the backup someplace secured, and I can impersonate accounts. I could also use a Quarts .NET cron job, the main hurdle is I don't know anything about DBA tools.

I'm going with yes but stop short of writing the dissertaion and all that would have to be installed, configured to make this as easy as you appear to want it. So, sure, yes.

You have quite the work ahead of you to do this. Or maybe you need more team members to get this done.

The web part is not really required, since I could do that easy. The SQL/DBA tools would be what is required. Perhaps one will wander by.

There's a lot of options here but your tags don't really narrow down what you are after. That's why I had to write a simple yes.

I suppose I really just need info on what commands are used for table backups, and whether or not anyone knows of any scripts already online for such stuff. google has not provided very well in this case.

Since such would be specific to the SQL you elected to use, I hope you can see the answer to be mired in simple yes/no's till you know your backend OS, what SQL and what script systems you can deploy there.

For the time being Oracle with Microsoft backend. I can typically understand bash and batch however. Batch more than bash. So you're saying there is shell script involved?

Yes. Again. I guess you need to post a clear question next time. You asked is it possible. To that, it's simply yes.

I wonder if you are fishing for code and how to implement. But since implementation depends on all the moving parts, plus you didn't ask how, but if it was possible, you should create a complete new thread with what you need to do, along with what you tried.

This will take a bit of work on your part unless you go out and buy some Micrososft Server backup system. Backing up that server should include all that is on it.

rproffitt, you are being obstinate, I have no idea what types of backup scripts would look like for a Database Administrator (DBA). I am fishing in the dark here if you know nothing then don't post at all. Of course I am willing to do my own work, but I have absolutely no idea what the scripts the DBA's would use. If you are not a DBA you should probably not be posting.

Even information sources would be a valid post here, or a synopsis of what is entailed in a backup.

I know stuff but if you won't make a post with a clear request along with details about the host, what script languages and servers (web, SQL, etc.) then who can offer a script you might be able to use?

Also, you may be done with me since our SQL of choice at office and field is MySQL. You appear to be on a MSFT SQL so you'll want to chat with folk that run that system.

It's like you asking me for a tire for your car but you won't reveal the old tire size or make, model and if stock.

Q. Can my tire be replaced?
A. Yes.

Now if we discover you have a Ford Model T from 1908, then I was indeed wrong and should have answered maybe.

Why not make a clear post about what you want along with information so others can answer?

As to obstinate. "stubbornly refusing to change one's opinion or chosen course of action, despite attempts to persuade one to do so."

I had hoped you would restate your question along with necessary details so everyone can have a chance at helping you out.

My view here is you can easily make a new post and ask the question you meant to ask.

Both Oracle and SQL Server support BACKUP DATABASE, but they have different syntaxes and options.

Providing you can connect a web app to any database you want to back up, you should be able to execute these commands using the SQL driver your language/framework provides.

Docs here and here.

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Of the two answers pty'
s is closest to the mark. I am researching database backup strategies now, and am realizing that the RMAN backup prompt is the way to go, with the Backup Database command. Since the command line is involved this would require a batch command (batch script) run over a network connection with a server residing on the database server. Perhaps I am borrowing too much responsibility from the DBA's in regaurds to the backup. They should be backing up everything of importance, therefore it may not even be worth the effort on my part. It is possible to run a batch command over a socket or service like WCF or nancy, but it is in fact borrowing too much responsibility from the DBA's. This is actually what I needed to know. It would be cool, but I think not necessarily worth the effort. Thanks.