hello my teacher put a surprise quiz and due tomorrow as im seeking for desperate help :( she didnt teach anything yet on this topic so i dont know where to start :/ any kickstarter topic is appreciated

task: make a program that reads and display 10 data in excel and write 10 inputs

were using Microsoft Excel 14.0 Object Library

That's amazing. I've yet to take a class where there was a quiz on subject matter that was not covered.

Now I did take a class where you were given assignments that required research beyond the supplied text but today that's not a big deal and I think this is maybe what happened to you.

That is, the teacher may not have taught you how to use the internet. If I were to use google I bet I could find a programming example from vb.net to excel. So your question isn't about how to code vb.net to do this but how to research so you can find this on your own.

-> Think about your topic and craft the words for your search. Here's that I thought to try:

And there it is. Examples for you to look over to see how it was done.

Google is like the old Greek oracle of Delphi. Hmm, wonder where Oracle got its name from...
If you wonder how many toes a hippopotamus has, just type: "How many toes does a hippopotamus have?"
And just by the mere wonders of the internet, several links to answers will pop up!