Hello, I am a beginner at C++ and need some help with arrays..

- I need to create a function that returns a random number from a sequence of 4 #s.

- Then I have to loop it 1000x and print the frequency of those 4 #s.

So far I have:

const int n=4, ntimes=1000;
int freq[n]={0};
short int seq[]={11,35,99,132};

and I understand I need to use:

rand(freq, n, ntimes);

and to output:

cout<<rndseq<<" occured "<<freq<<" times"<<endl;

Obviously, I havent had much time to work on it yet. I tried reading up on arrays but I did not find much on this specifically..

I just need someone to help me start off on the right foot. I'm not expecting anyone to fully write it for me. Just some pointers please. Much appreciated.

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Assuming that your array of random numbers is constant, then your 4 elements are always indexed by the numbers 0,1,2,3 .... that should make life pretty simple :) Start it out as a simple random-number picker for the numbers 0-3 and carry on from there.


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