Hi, is there a way to convert a file into a pcap file? i have a .raw file and i want to change it to a .pcap file. so far what i know is that .pcap has some sort of header or offset or something compared to other files. i have no idea what those headers are. i want to convert because i wanna see if the Wireshark would be able to read the file and it doesn't except .raw files.

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To me this seems to be you telling others you have more to learn. That is, what is a header and so much more. I won't answer those questions here because we have Google and other fine search tools.

But I won't leave you with nothing. Take a look at Rawshark at https://wiki.wireshark.org/Tools

Back to you. If you want pcap files, capture with the Wireshark tools rather that what you used.

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