Hi, is there a way to convert a file into a pcap file? i have a .raw file and i want to change it to a .pcap file. so far what i know is that .pcap has some sort of header or offset or something compared to other files. i have no idea what those headers are. i want to convert because i wanna see if the Wireshark would be able to read the file and it doesn't except .raw files.

To me this seems to be you telling others you have more to learn. That is, what is a header and so much more. I won't answer those questions here because we have Google and other fine search tools.

But I won't leave you with nothing. Take a look at Rawshark at https://wiki.wireshark.org/Tools

Back to you. If you want pcap files, capture with the Wireshark tools rather that what you used.