Please update PyGalaxian file as i want the number of hits by the aeroplane into another file either text file or excel file or jupyter notebook and want to plot using plotly and plotlib library and show the analytics at what rate the hits are occuring after firing and shooting with gun and then i want if the user plays next time the difficulty level should be increased based upon previous hits .

Perhaps you'd better email to the developer. Th email is mentioned in the link you gave.

they are not able to help me . you plsh provide modifications and help little bit please please please:(

That modification would be a a good deal more than 'a little bit'.

You seem to have misunderstood what this forum is for: it's for people who are trying to solve a programming problem themselves, and need a bit of help. In other words, it is about programmer helping each other.

This doesn't include giving free work to someone who has no interest in doing any programming on their own, or who are simply being too lazy to do their own work. If you aren't doing any programming yourself, or expect someone else to do your programming for you out of the goodness of their hearts, you are in the wrong place.

If you want to hire someone, we have a separate message board under the Community Center for that, but don't expect anyone to do this for free just because you ask them to.

You might be able to find someone who is playing this game themselves, and would do it out of their own interest in the project, but the odds of that are pretty low. You might find someone who will take it on just for the challenge of it, or for cred among other FOSS developers, but that's even less likely. I doubt anyone else would work on it without some kind of motivation, and for someone with no stake in something, that motivation usually involves money.

i just want if the user plays next time the difficulty level should be increased

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You're missing the important point: no one on this forum is going to do it for you.

This forum is for people who want help with a problem when writing a program. The forum for people who want someone else to do some programming for them is the Hiring forum, but that generally will cost you money.

So, if you aren't actually doing the programming yourself, you can go over to the Hiring forum and offer to pay someone to do it, but that's not what the Programming forums are for.

I will also add that if this is a homework problem, then you shouldn't even bother going there - the forum rules specifically forbid asking or paying someone to do an assignment for you (you can ask for help, but not for a hand-out). I don't think that this is the case given what you are asking for, but it is better to add that now to make the point clear.

I realize that you are probably new to fora like Daniweb, so you probably deserve some leeway on all this; besides, I am not a moderator myself, so I can't do anything except give advice. But now that I've explained that you are going about things the wrong way, I hope you will be willing to listen to what I have said.

please if you cant help kindly delete my post.

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@Sajid_10. I see lots of help but I fear you want others to write your code for you.

If you want folk to write code for you then post this as a For Hire post and state the rates or use sites like

Here you get help where you are stuck on your code. (Again, "your code.") Folk here help when you are stuck at "My code failed at line 20 with this error and I can't find what I did wrong. Ideas?"

Also read

People have taken the time and effort to reply to you, and I can't delete your post(s) without deleting theirs, so the topic will remain as-is.
Hopefully others will read it and avoid making the same mistake.