I have an Epson receipt printer (Model number: TM-T88V), but I cannot use it. I do not have a POS (point of sale) software that will let me do what I need to do, nor do I have the knowledge I need to understand the developers guide manual that comes with the printer.
Seen here: (https://files.support.epson.com/pdf/pos/bulk/epos-print_xml_um_en_revk.pdf)

I want to make a receipt that looks identical to a competitor company, but with my own information; e.g. different items, prices, and logo.
I have the same exact printer as them, and they use the printers default font. This font however is built into the printer and cannot be removed as a font file type to be used in other places such as illustrator or photoshop.; which would allow me to make receipts that way.

So I'm stuck on the software/development/programming path for making this receipt and I have no idea how to do this.

In short I want to be able to either;

A. Use a notepad editor to manually change the items listed in an XML document and send them to the printer (idk how to send it to the printer—so I'd be paying for this information as well).
B. Have some sort of program that lets me do this with a big shiny print button.

I cannot code.

Can I do what I'm trying to do without learning a code? Is it possible to do this with a simple markup language like HTML/CSS or XML with this specific printer?
I just want to communicate to my printer with text, and print what I communicate. That's it.

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To accomplish this without learning a (to?) code you would change this to a FOR HIRE type posting and tell how much you will pay for this work.

I take it you already tried finding a printer driver that you could print from Word or such which is a no-code solution.

The closest I got was using a free open-source POS software, called uniCenta, and modifying the XML to always print what I want whenever I do an order. But the spacing is off.

No other solution came close besides manually doing it in Illustrator. But again, the font is not the default font for the printer; which is unavailable.

I gave up and hired a freelancer. The people were offering between $300-400 for the project I had in mind. And I accepted a higher-quality freelancer for $400 who's making the software using a mock-up I made in illustrator.

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