I'm looking for a program reproduces in a picture box the AVI files present within the various files (of course continuous playback and transparent effect including). dll and others, I found one in Visual Basic and it works, but I can not do it Running in VB 10, i have also searched in interenet for several days but without result, do you have a solution?
pablo71@tiscali.it for answers... thank!!!!

That's a fairly larget undertaking. So you need to set smaller areas to conquer. How about a media thumbnail tool like: https://marketplace.visualstudio.com/items?itemName=Viscomsoft.MIThumbnailSDKActiveX

VB 10? As in VB.Net 2010? That's listed.

As to playing, for most the only players would be Microsoft's own (Visual Basic) media player. And for more adventurous out there some Apple plugin. You have a long list of things you want but are those items implemented in the players for VB? If not you may be spending a few years creating yet another video player. Here I just use WFE and VLC Player. Works great. No code.