I’m new to this and talking an intro class. I’ve read and reread my course material so far and I can’t get this line to work.
It has to display You have 2 even and 3 odd numbers but no matter what I do, it keeps coming out with 0 even and 0 odd.
Tried used if (number %2==0){ number = even}
If(number %2!=0){ number = odd} but that’s not working. Any suggestions

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I guess number is an integer, what are odd and even in your code?
Could you explain please?

Oh, I guess I see now. I think odd stands for the number of odds and even for the number of evens. Right?
Instaed of using number = even, use even++ or even = even +1

I suggest using a bitwise AND to test if the rightmost bit is a 0 or 1.

Just to clarify where your error is...

if you find an even number, you are executing a boolean statement (number = even).
if you find an odd number, you are executing a boolean statement (number = odd).

You are never incrementing even or odd. That is what ddanbe is showing you with even++ or even = even +1.

if (number %2==0)

And, to Reverand Jim's point, the bitwise function is more efficient than the mod function but since you are "new to this" you probably haven't stumbed over bitwise functions.

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