Consider the following C code snippet:

char *sentence = NULL;
strcpy(sentence, "Helloworld");
printf("%s", sentence); 

is the code segment correct or error.
If correct what is the output?

  1. Error
  2. Helloworld
  3. NuII,Helloworld
  4. None of the above

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This is clearly a homework or interview question, so please let us know what your thoughts are first.


The pointer just points to NULL. It has no storage space. you need to allocate space. You could use strdup to do that. IE, sentence = strdup("helloworld"); strdup will allocate space for the string (including terminating NUL character) and copy the string to the newly allocated space that "sentence" now owns.


i tried. it says runtime error

Then you have your answer. Wouldn't that have been easier than asking us to do your work for you?

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