I am having trouble coding an animation for a pendulum simulation. I can never seem to get any of the code right. I tried using pygame, but it didn't work even after I installed it into my computer! I just need to know where to start! Help please!!!

I already used tose links, but none of them work on my laptop. Most of those use pygame, and for some reason my laptop (Macbook air running OS X Yosemite) will not work even if I download it.

Ahh, so the real question is how to get pygame on your Apple. That I can't help with as I don't have such a machine. But you could research that on its own.

That is, make your new question about PyGame and Apple.

https://www.google.com/search?q=installing+PyGame+on+Apple+OS tells me you have to install Xcode then a few more steps.