Urgently need help ASAP!!! If anyone could help me with these questions, i would be so grateful.

1) write a program tht allows the user to enter a part no. tht consists of 4 or 5 characters. D 2nd and 3rd characters represent the delivery method as follows: "MS" represents "Mail-Standard", "MP" represents "Mail-Priority", "FS" represents "FedEx-Standard", "FO" represents "FedEx-Overnight" and "UP" represents "UPS". Display an appropriate message when the part no. does not contain either 4 or 5 characters. Also display an aprropriate message when the 2nd and 3rd characters are not one of the delivery methods. If the part no. is valid, the program should display the delivery method.

2) write an entire c++ program tht reads a +ve integer entered by an interactive user and then prints out all the +ve divisors of tht integer in a column and in dereasing order. The program should allow the user to repeat this process as many times as the user likes. Initially, the program should inform the user about how the program will behave. Then the program should prompt the user for each integer tt the user wishes to enter.
The program may be terminated in any of 2 ways. One way is to have the program halt if the user enters and integer thts -ve or 0. In this case the user should be reminded with each prompt tht the program can be terminated in tht way.
Alternatively, after an integer has been entered and the divisors have been printed, the program can ask the user whether he/she wishes to enter another integer. In this case, when the user accidentally enters a zero or -ve integer to have its divisors calculated, the program should inform the user tt the input is unacceptable and should allow the user to try again (and again!).

Thank you so much in advance!!!!!

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