Read this book;
Genetic Algorithms in Java Basics 1st ed. Edition
by Lee Jacobson (Author), Burak Kanber (Author)

I'm sorry for not being so specific, first time asking for help online.
So, I did understand the logics behind a genetic algorithm and I'm trying to apply it without copying anyone's code. I wask kind of succesful, but the population doesn't evolve at all, it keeps creating individuals with random genes.

I think you might also get more input if you posted your code here instead of making people jump through hoops at another site to get to it. Also, this thread will be of no use to anyone else in the event that your code is removed from the other site.

commented: Hoops and loops for some. Yes, let's keep it in one spot. +15

@L. There you used "it" again. To ask me to jump through hoops (nod to RJ) to get the code, decode/read to figure out your logic is quite the high jump.

Where's your design document? That is, in psuedo code or English, how your code works. Sometimes folk proceed right to code which is fine for small things but this isn't a small thing.