Hello. I wanted to download a "Python IDE" called "PyCharm" to type code using the coding language "Python" for class. Here is the problem:

When I open up the IDE called "PyCharm", it says that the "Python Interpreter" is not found. I suspected it was because I downloaded the "IDE" before the "Interpreter" so I tried to configure it manually into the “IDE” after I downloaded “Python”. However, the “IDE” said that no permission was granted for the “Interpreter” to be used in this “IDE”. I downloaded a new version of this “IDE” and a more recent version of “Python”. Also, I downloaded the “Windows 64bit” file since it matched the computer I was using.

Should I delete everything and download the “Python Interpreter” first? Should I just use another IDE (I have used Eclipse for Java so I am willing to switch if this IDE is the problem)? Should I have downloaded the Python file that says “Windows x86-64 embeddable zip file” or “Windows x86 executable installer” (I downloaded the “Windows x86 executable installer” so I hope that was not the problem)? Is there something else I should do (Sorry if this question is long or that it has been asked already)? Thank You to all those who can help.

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I installed pyCharm and found it difficult to get used to. I found the debugging capabilities of Visual Studio 2019 much more intuitive.

Thank You very much. I will try changing the order in which I install each device later on in the day. Also, if "Visual Studio 2019" is eaiser to understand then I will also consider it as a possible option as well. In the meantime, I will read the article that was recommended. After all, it seems interesting.

Hello. Sorry I'm back again. I tried changing the order in which I downloaded "PyCharm" and "The Interpreter" however it did not seem to work. I went to the "inspection page" in "Python" and it says that the "interpreter" is invaild. I don't know were to get a vaild "Python Interpreter" so I wanted to know if anyone knows why this happening please. Also, I tried using "Visual Studio 2019" (cecause I though it would be easier) and the area were the "IDE" allows the user to type code was blank (I don't know if it is becasue I needed to download a "Python Extention") . I don't know what to do now so please help if you can (I even wanted to abandon the project becasue I am not really required to learn it in school at the moment since I don't have any classes that use "Python" yet. I wanted to learn it for fun). Thank You.

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