Hi Every Body
i have a server and a numbers of clients and i when i want to open a page on the clients machine it is open in the server insted of the specified client machine. i am using host to open the required page and i am trying to use web.show_document but it is not working.
i am using oracle developer 10g

Any help please?????? thankyou very much

I just ran into a new programmer that was thinking clients were like televisions. They wanted their app running on the server to just show up on the client.

Simply not going to happen without the client running some app to make it happen (classic setup and not Jurassic setups like mainframe and terminals.)

So let's talk about the basics. You have apps on your server and your clients. They work together to get the info out and on screen. In the current and usual setups, you MAY NOT spam the client screens. If you want something to show on the client screen you write an app that runs on the client that responds to your server request to show content.