Halli Hallo

i hope im at the right Place. I want to get started with API-Gateway(s). Currently im running 5 Microservices written in Java (Spring-Boot) deployed via Docker. Each Microservices is protected via Keycloak. I want to use a API-Gateway so that i can combine every MS into 1 Link:

  • demo.com/api/ms1
  • demo.com/api/ms2
  • ...

And more important i want to have the Authorization at one Place and not in everysingle Microservice.

I found a couple of Solutions but im not sure which to use or if i maybe should write my own one?
I was intrested in checking out 'Spring Cloud Gateway' because the Microservices are written in 'Spring Boot' and alternatively 'Kong'. What would u guys recommend for my usecase? Whats is easier for total beginners?

Thanks in advance :)

PS: Im not a native English-Speaker im sorry for all my misspellings.

Spring does provides integration with Zuul1 but Zuul1 is blocking and Zuul2 is non- blocking but spring does not provide integration with zuul2. Instead, spring provides it's own gateway sloution as Spring cloud gateway built upon Project Reactor, Spring WebFlux, and Spring Boot 2.0.. Hence I preffered to use it instead of Kong. Spring cloud gateway has a lot of filter and security support out of the box which is very helpful for spring boot based microservices.

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