I have been searching for freelance software developer on different websites for a while but failed to find him for the software I need. Been studying and researching a lot how could i come as close as possible to the solution i am looking for: what needs to be done is changes tracking (monitoring) of graphical widgets (Embed code) that contains speedometers. Similar to the one(s) behind the steering wheel in a car. Each speedometer contains different circular areas and what I want is to track (and get screen pop up alerts) when it graphically travels from one to another circular area. Of course i would want to request where is starting area and where is destination area. If destination area is reached then alert should occur. There are around 500 different Embed Codes (speedometers) to be tracked. Each approximately once per 15 minutes but it would be great if i can define this ''check time'' manually. In order to present my question better, I will use an example:

Lets say I have speedometer on the following website (e.g. one of around 500 different speedometers to be tracked):


The widget's Embed Code is here:


but unfortunately it doesn't seem to contain anything about speedometer's pointer (arrow) dynamic status.

I am wondering if there is any software or any custom solution (ideally service developer to whom i would pay to develop this for me) where would I track the changes in pointer's traveling? I define the condition which must happen in order for alert to occur. E.g. movement from ''Sell'' to ''Buy'' circular area. Or even better: particular pieces of each circular area so from one piece of one circular area to another piece of another circular area?

Is there any such tool, programming solution, freelancer to be hired (i already tried freelance websites!) that could do what i want?

Thank you a MILLION time in advance, your reply would be highly appreciated.

I wish you luck in finding that programmer or coding it yourself. As you noted the widget does not reveal immediately usable data so that means either it's the wrong widget or you have to think of a way to process the image.

My initial thoughts are:

  1. Screen grab the numbers below and OCR the numbers.
  2. Screen grag the ODO and then in code examine a half circle from bottom to top for the color black to get a number.

This is not an offer to code but to present possible ways to tackle the problem.

rproffitt thank you for your reply, although i have no idea who could i hire and pay him to do what you said for me. Researched on almost all freelance websites and didn't find anyone. Additional problem, which you may have overlooked, is that each time frame does NOT have its own URL link. When you are changing time frames on webpage, the URL stays the same. Also there is no ''screen grabber'' software which would be able to do both major tasks: produce alerts on my chosen condition and be able to ''click'' requested time frames.

I'm going to have to disagree there is no screen grab software. You did tag your post with Java so let's find out that language can grab some screen imgage. https://www.codejava.net/java-se/graphics/how-to-capture-screenshot-programmatically-in-java shows it is possible.

So the screen grab either full screen or an area of interest can be done. Also you can then write code to examine the image to extract what you want.

As to hiring, there are many freelance sites with all sorts of folk with all levels of coding experience. My background does include some of what you are after so I don't see any reason a seasoned coder couldn't make this happen. The problem could be the pay.

No idea what those lines on the link you gave mean. Not sure how would such software ''click'' on needed time frame.

Already tried many different freelance websites but didn't get any interest. Invited to my project around 700 developers. Although my budget to pay is very limited BUT i haven't had a chance to decline ''too expensive'' proposal because there where lack of them (interests by developers). I would love to pay, if within a budget, to serious developer who would be really willing to take the project and complete it. But the description of the project is more lengthy. In my post i only described the main part.

Maybe the job pay isn't in line with the complexity and scale of the app you want? That issue is widely discussed. Custom apps are just plain expensive. I have apps going back decades that I maintain and updates run a min of one week charges with is about 5,000USD. If it's just a text change, then it might get a "here you go, no charge" but this is serious work so it's costly to keep the development systems in the store room along with the attendant test gear.

As to your comment about no idea that tells me you are just beginning to code. Maybe your first encounter with code which is fine. What you hear often are phrases that is your cue this client can't pay. "This should be simple to do." That's a phrase you know you may want to no bid a project.

Anyhow my replies are to say that it appears possible if you can either learn how to code or find a coder to take it on.

I know nothing about programming and it would take a million years for me to develop this. So my only possibility left is to find a developer to who i could pay within my budget. My approximate MONTHLY salary is around 250 eur (seriously!) but i never said i wouldn't want to pay more than that. Developer surely wouldn't get rich from working for me but its not everything about the money. Sometimes is also good to help fellow human-being. God sees everything and good returns with a good too. If developer doesn't help then whenever he/she will need help, he/she also won't be able to expect it. Everyone needs help sometimes. I am definitely willing to pay. Since you where talking a lot about cost of work, you also need to know that rich person is not the one who earns a lot of money but the one with good heart, who also helps others. Satisfaction that you helped someone sometimes brings more benefit than actual money.

Although it may be too good to be true that someone would offer me paid work (i am willing to pay, i never expected anything for free) based on my post above but my goal of the post was different: to get an answer if there is any existing software which already does what i described.

"any existing software which already does what i described."

That's not what I read in the top post. I read where you had the widgets and wished to get at the data on the ODO or SPEEDO then do something with that. To that I can address possible approaches from OCR of the numbers to probably simpler to grab the image, scan for the needle position to be used in your code as you wish.

But I didn't reveal that I trade stocks once in a while because it really doesn't matter except I see this as just another view into stock movements.
ALSO I've noticed that a lot of free access to stock data has been shut down. You can't use the old google and yahoo API to fetch a stock price for free anymore. Nice that you have that widget but just like stock prices the actual data is not being revealed.

Since you can't code it today and the job pays at most 250eur I worry you will find many takers. That doesn't mean I won't share how I would tackle some aspects of your app. And I do mean it's your app. Why not start the learning process to make just the tool you need?

Or is there any hack job where you can put those widgets on a big screen so you can see it in near realtime and use your eyeballs to discern what you are looking for?

I don't have any big screen because i need alerts to changes to ''come to me''. Not that i would be looking for changes. This is the main point of everything: to save time and to get automated alerts on requested changes. If you want, i can email you first (more complex) and second (less complex) version of entire project.

My budget is around 500 eur for more complex version which equals in average two months of work, waking up at alarm clock 4:30am to work 10 hours per day. This is how much i want project to be completed. Why? Because i know how much benefit would i have from it. I only need to find developer who won't scam me and who will for sure be able to do what i want. I trust my ideas when it comes to world of trading. My ideas are very unique.

It doesn't necessary be stocks. It can be any other financial instrument too. That tracking tool is more useful for currency pairs, perhaps some commodities too. For stocks are different approaches, different patterns. Also earnings/dividents are important. Of course Deloitte's, Ernst & Young confidential records about revisions too (the most!). For stocks I look much more often at breakouts or retracements from resistance/support lines than in currency pairs. For those currency pairs i have different methods. But this is offtopic now.

Yes, actually i was wondring in my top post if any such automated tracking (monitoring) of widgets software already exist. Noone has answered me yet. Not sure if other people are looking at my posts.

I don't mind discussing ideas on how to crack the code, but these forums are mostly about IT and finding a solution to a specific code issue. If you want you can post a For Hire post along with enough specs for the prospective coder to see if the pay is worth taking on the job.

Good luck in your coder searches.

unless i have overlooked something, there is no such thing as ''For Hire'' on this forum.

Our For Hire section was just very recently disbanded. It existed for over a decade, but never really gained popularity, and today there are so many better places designed to connect devs with employers.

That being said, you could do a Member Search instead: https://www.daniweb.com/connect/users

Not to leave you without other API sources, https://www.google.com/search?q=Technical+Analysis+stock+api seems to find there are many APIs out there to explore.

Let me don my stock research hat here. That technical analysis widget doesn't seem too interesting as it's just a measure of the pundits views over some time period. I don't see the value there.