Hello everyone.
I have been trying to get desired output since last 4 days and so far very near to it.
I am really stucked in the logic.
Please help me or help me in writing proper logic.

Open the attached zip file for whole eclipse project.
No need to touch any file except com.designimplementation.elevator.controllers.ElevatorController
So far I am able to get Average cycles per customer trip: 42.35841100754549
But I must be Average cycles per customer trip: 30
Please help me asap.
Thank in advance.

Nope, we're not going to do your homework for you.
And nope, it's not at all urgent to anyone except you.

If you'd put in some minimal effort you'd have been able to do it yourself long before anyone will even bother to look at the content of some suspicious zip file you post here.

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