Im Stuck With Something, Iv Been Searching, And Searching And I Canot Find Any Information On How To Make SQL Database Show The Samething For Everyone, When Updated Of Coarse... I Can Make The DataTable And Put It On A Form But I Cannot Make It To Where I Add Something And It Update For People That Have Different computers... Please Help!!!!

I think you need to explain something about your SQL server. Are you putting a SQL server and database on each machine or something else?

Im Sorry But I Do Not Know How SQL Works, I Was Looking Into Ms And I Found Out How To Make A Login Form That Uses That Database File And Overwrites It But, Other Devices Can Not Grap Data From That File Without It And I Dont Want People Changing data Along With I Want The File On My Computer Only And It Works For Devices, Now This SQL, Is This A Type Of Server Or Somthing, I Need Something that Can Allow People To Add Logins And Have Those Logins Work In The Form, I'm Pretty New With This Please Help...

From your reply, all that is possible once you set up your database server on your network or even the Internet. All that you need to know is not going to be in my reply unless I note web content.

Admit you are just starting out and take a few classes on SQL administration and if you are paying attention then it will start to make sense.

That is, your database server (not a file!) is on some server then your app connects to that and you allow, or not, changes per your SQL rules and your code.

PS: Can't go to school? Get started with web content like this:

Thanks For Giving Me Info About This