Dear All
i am developing .Net Application with MS Access and Crystal Report
i am using DSN for crystal report to view the data from database. on each new client i have to go there to make DSN and then crystal reoport work, my application forms using database through physical connection string,
i have managed query in my crystal report and then that command represent the data into crystal reports. everything working fine. my question is can i provide crystal report database source at runtime where is my database installed in application folder, so client just download my software and can place anywhere to use the software and crystal reports here is my code

 Public ReportName As String
Dim cryReportDoc As New ReportDocument
Public StartDate, EndDate, Criteria1, Criteria2 As String

Private Sub Report_Load(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles MyBase.Load
    Me.Text = "(" & Me.ReportName & ") " & Me.Text
    If Me.ReportName = "DayBookReport" Then cryReportDoc = New DayBookReport
    If Me.ReportName = "DayBookReport" Then cryReportDoc.SetParameterValue("Criteria2", Criteria2)

    If Me.ReportName = "DayBookReport" Then
        cryReportDoc.SetParameterValue("Criteria1", Criteria1)
        cryReportDoc.SetParameterValue("StartDate", StartDate)
        cryReportDoc.SetParameterValue("EndDate", EndDate)
    End If
    CryControl.ReportSource = cryReportDoc
End Sub