So am looking for a way to only select caption text from a listview like the screen shot shows below I dont want to highlight image only text thanks.



I see this was kicked around before so I will avoid to not call out any duplication of replies and move onto an idea for this. Ready?

You'll have to make two listviews. One for the image, one for the text. More code but hey, that's the effect you want. Now the prior kickarounds talk about a custom image renderer (lots of code) so I wouldn't go there.

oo really can you supplie the link I like to check that out I seen a couple posts but not for delphi

@W, sorry but the concept I presented is not specific to Delphi. Plus it's just an idea so no code has been written so links won't do since I presented an idea to get the effect in just about any language. There are some programmers out there that want ready to use codes. For me this isn't possible since I've not had Delphi installed for over a decade.