hello guys,
i know you all are familiar with DOSCOMMAND to run a console and catch its output ..
but what if i want to send a PAUSE keystroke to the console ??

with SENDLINE i can send string and char
but how do i send a PAUSE or ENTER(RETURN) key ???

please any help ???
thank you

Sorry but no Pascal I used had such a thing as DOSCOMMAND. I would be guessing what Pascal this is so for now I'll write you need to be complete in your details. Not everyone can guess what you have for the dev system.

That said, I just had to work a very very old app and in VB6 the old SendKeys() is dead now. It wasn't a big deal as what I needed to do was possible another way. But that's only to highlight that Windows (are you using Windows?) may start to block such as time goes on for security reasons.

If you are using a script or shelling out to DOS or CMD, then maybe what you are trying to automate could be done with AUTOIT?
https://forum.lazarus.freepascal.org/index.php?topic=4297.0 kicks this around and I see a reply with the Windows and Linux API calls.