Greetings all.

I have a question about if java can be made to do the following.

As a player of card games and online games, i find that i often need to make a database of information. And it would be great if i could distribute those databases to friends and others.

But what i would need, is a way to make a simple gui interface that could show the information of a database, and let the users modify only part of that database. And let it all be in a stand alone program, that they all can download and use. (except to download the java runtime files of course)

It also has to be non web based. But more like a cute little windows program. :cheesy:

Can any of you tell me if this is possible to make with jave, and if so, a few directions? or would i be better off searching for another language or program?

Quite possible. You may want some 3rd party libraries to make it easier, but those are all Java as well so you could if you really wanted to write them yourself.

HSQLDb, Hibernate, maybe Spring (might be overkill, but it's a good skill to pick up as it's very good and widely used).
Most examples for Spring use web applications but that's because that's where the money is for book authors ;)

You might consider JNLP for distribution.

In fact the Sun Certified Developer for the Java 2 platform Standard Edition certification exam consists of writing a complete database application (including the database server) from scratch in Java ;)