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Hi all,
I have an application which saves data (books details like book title, author and location) to a mySql db and performs CRUD operations.
I thought I'd use hibernate to take care of the ORM side of things and everything was OK when it came to create a record, but for RUD operations I had an issue.
If I'm a user, I'm likely to be willing to find a book by its author, title or location, certainly not by its ID and yet as far as I can see, hibernate uses IDs for these kind of operations.
I dug a bit further and eventually resorted to Criteria objects which apparently allow you do perform operations creating your own criteria, see below for the update functionality:

 public void update() {
        // code to modify a book
        Session session = sessionFactory.openSession();
        String searchTerm = "Jack";
        Criteria criteria = session.createCriteria(Book.class);
        Book uniqueResult = (Book) criteria.add(Restrictions.eq("author", searchTerm)).uniqueResult();
        uniqueResult.setTitle("Amended plus one");

The problem is that criteria have been deprecated and I can't find a good alternative to that, which now makes me question my choice to use hibernate in the first place. What do you guys think? I wouldn't mind using hibernate but I find hard to believe that to find a record I have to use an ID and not the author, title or whatever else, unless of course you can get the ID of the record from the searchTerm like author etc but I couldn't find a way, all the examples online relied on an ID to be passed on to the query, which I find very odd.
If you fancy looking at the application, it can be found here (it's not a big project, lol)

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